Joseph Wright AR
an augmented reality artwork by John Goto and Matthew Leach

01A_Earthstopper 02A_Tivoli 03A_Captive 04A_Orrery 05A_Indian_Widow
06A_Grotto 07A_Cottage 08A_Blacksmith's_Shop 09A_Arkwright 10A_Alchemist

Using the latest image tracking technology, you are invited to explore the world of the eighteenth-century painter Joseph Wright and his relationship to the famous porcelain factory located in his hometown of Derby, UK.

John Goto's montages, made in collaboration with Matthew Leach, appear perfectly alined before Wright’s paintings. The phenomina can be experienced in a number of ways:

1) Click on the portfolio of Joseph Wright paintings above and activate the montages by viewing the onscreen paintings through your smartphone using the free Layar app. Enter the search term 'Joseph Wright AR' into Layar and images will be conjured up before your eyes! Tap on the title and a menu option appears giving information about the paintings, porcelains and montages.  

2) An approximation of the experience can be achieved by simply moving the cursor into the onscreen image.

3) Visit Derby Museum and Art Gallery where the pictures are on display, and use your smartphone as described above.

Read more about the making of Joseph Wright AR here.

Find out about Image Tracking AR here .

Goto & Leach would like to acknowledge the support of D-MARC Digital and Material Arts Research Centre, University of Derby, in making this work, and the help and generous assistance of Derby Museums and Art Gallery and Royal Crown Derby Museum. The project was first presented at 'New Perspectives on Joseph Wright of Derby' conference at the University of Derby, 12th January, 2012.

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